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How to help

Our primary needs are volunteers and the funds that will create a facility that our community and our children can be proud of! Donations of any size are very greatly appreciated and will help us to achieve our goals.

Mission Statement

The High Country Boys & Girls Club mission is to inspire and educate all youth to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring adults who in return will participate and support in a positive way the communities they will effect.


Get involved!

Kids thrive when their community shows an interest in them; come be a part of their inspiration, support, growth and opportunity. Just a few hours per month can make a lifetime of difference to so many kids.

Current project !!

Our current project is scheduled to get under way soon; getting some buildings built and building a skate park! We are opening up a competition to the kids of our High Country communities to design their skate park. Get them involved, take ownership, teach respect, and have lots of fun in the process.  Click on the Projects link above for more information and specifications...






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